Sílvia Ruiz


My name is Sílvia Ruiz and I am a language & communication professional.  I am currently looking for new professional opportunities involving languages -my greatest passion- and I am willing to embark on a mind-challenging project anywhere in the world.


Since my graduation in Translation and Interpreting (Spanish, English & German) in 2005, 1 have worked in and outside Spain and travelled to some of the world’s most extraordinary cities. Fascinated by languages and words, I have devoted my professional life mainly to language and education. For 3 years, I have taught translation and language courses at the University of Heidelberg (Germany). I have also organised (and presented at!) language congresses and I have taken my first steps both in subtitling and interpreting. At the moment, I work at the Communication Department of a postgraduate school owned by Pompeu Fabra University, Spain's #1 public university, where I am in charge of creating, supervising and face-lifting the school’s online and offline contents. My insatiable curiosity has recently revealed me to a new and exciting area of expertise -computational linguistics, NLP and speech recognition software- in which I am eager to specialise. 


Always keen on taking on new challenges (and travelling!) I am constantly looking for job opportunities which will help me grow as a professional. If you or your company are looking for an internationally-minded, challenge-seeking language talent, feel free to browse my LinkedIn profile, download my CV or contact me at any time. 


language enthusiast

I am a native speaker of Catalan and Spanish. I can also speak and write in English and German at a professional level. All my language skills are officially certified at a level of C2 or above (CPE for English, Oberstufe for German, D level for Catalan and the Proofreader's Certificate for Spanish). Hear me speak to convince yourself!


teaching passion

More that 800 hours of translation & language courses taught at the University of Heidelberg (Germany) have revealed me to be a teaching and audience lover. I have an absolute passion for conveying knowledge and I am well used to speaking before crowds. Also, I have a soft spot for science and I love to explore new fields and adapt to the latest market trends. 

eyes & ears

I possess a highly accurate ear for phonetics and an astonishingly good eye for detail! I unconsciously make use of an absolute pitch memory when speaking and this helps me pronounce languages at a near-native speaker level. Also, my long-trained critical eyes can spot a double space, a spare full stop or a wrong quotation mark in a text within a mile of distance!